NOTE: Inspect agitator(s) daily and replace every 90 days.
Using the container rest
To turn the unit off, rest the container on the lower or standby container
rest position.
Replacing the agitator
The drink mixer ships with a solid agitator installed on each shaft.
Unplug the mixer.
If the shaft is to be removed, normally a quick turn
counter clockwise will loosen the shaft. If not, remove
the top cover and use a flat head screwdriver inserted
into the top of the motor shaft to prevent the motor
from turning.
To remove the agitator, loosen the bolt by turning it
counter clockwise with a 5/16” wrench.
To install the new agitator, turn the bolt into the shaft
and tighten.
To prevent damage to the agitator, do not use pliers to
grip the agitator blades while tightening or loosening.
Always use the metal container when mixing.
Do not put spoon or other utensils in metal container when mixing.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in cuts.
Cut Hazard
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