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This chapter describes the installation method of the recorder: selecting the installation
site, mounting and wiring methods. Read this chapter before installation.
2.1 Installation Site and Mounting Methods
2.1.1 Installation Site
The recorder should be installed according to the following conditions as close as
To use this recorder within domestic establishments and within establishments directly
connencted to a low voltage power supply network which supplies buildings used for
domestic purposes may cause malfunction of other eqipments. Please avoid using in
domestic environment.
Panel and rack mounting
The recorder is designed to be installed on an instrumentation panel or rack.
Well ventilated location
Install the recorder in a well ventilated site to prevent from internal temperature rise.
Avoid mechanical vibration
To install the recorder in a location susceptible to mechanical vibration will adversely
affect the mechanical parts and the quality of recording. Please choose an installation
site characterized by minimal mechanical vibration.
Horizontal installation
This recorder must be installed horizontally (however, mounting may be inclined up to
30˚ backward from vertical).
Avoid direct sunshine or heater radiation
The recorder will be adversely affected if the unit is exposed to direct sunlight or
installed near a heater. Choose a location near room temperature (23˚C) with minimal
temperature fluctuation.
Keep out of soot, steam, moisture, dust, corrosive gases
To expose the recorder to soot, steam, moisture, dust, corrosive gases, etc., will
adversely affect it.
Keep away from electro-magnetic fields
To use the recorder within strong electro-magnetic fields may cause malfunction.
Please avoid installing near electro-magnetic objects.
2.1 Installation Site and Mounting Methods
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