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4.4 Installing (or Replacing) Ribbon Cassette (Dot-printing model)
(1) Open the front door, and check that the power is switched OFF.
(2) Open the display by pulling its left end.
(3) Hold the printer carriage, and move it to the right.
(4) Hold the left-hand part of the ribbon cassette, and pull it out from the recorder case.
Printer carriage
Ribbon cassette
(5) Insert a new ribbon cassette into the cassette holder; first, insert the right-hand part,
next the left-hand part. Check that the cassette is properly engaged with the
cassette holder snap.
If the cassette is not engaged with the holder properly, turn the ribbon feeding knob
in the direction of the arrow to fit the peg to the driving hole of the holder.
(6) To check that the cassette is properly inserted, turn the left-hand knob in the
direction of the arrow a half or more turning.
(7) If the ribbon loosens, turn the knob in the direction of the arrow to tighten it.
(8) Turn the display back to the normal position.
Improper insertion of the cassette may cause illegal-print color or damage to
the cassette.
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