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4.8 Maintenance
4.8 Maintenance
The activities necessary to maintain the recorder in good operating condition are shown
Periodic maintenance (see subsection 4.8.1)
Battery replacement (see subsection 4.8.2)
Fuse replacement (see subsection 4.8.3)
Cleaning plotter carriage shaft (see subsection 4.8.4)
Calibration (see subsection 4.8.5)
Pen adjustment (see subsection 4.8.6)
Printer carriage adjustment (see subsection 4.8.7)
Parts replacement (see subsection 4.8.8)
4.8.1 Periodic Maintenance
Check the following items periodically, and replace consumable parts, if necessary:
Are indication and recording normal?
If not, see chapter 8, Troubleshooting”.
Are recorded lines or printed characters clear, not blurred?
To replace a felt-tip pen or a plotter pen of Pen model, see section 4.3 Installing (or
Replacing) Pens; also, see section 4.4 Installing (or Replacing) Ribbon Cassette
to replace the ribbon cassette of Dot-printing model.
Is chart-paper feeding smooth, not jammed?
If not, see chapter 8, Troubleshooting”.
Is there enough chart paper left in the chart compartment?
Remaining chart length (cm) is printed on the left margin of the chart at intervals of
20 cm.
See section 4.2 Installing (or Replacing) Chart Paper”.
Is [ ] illuminated?
If it is, see subsection 4.8.2, Battery Replacement as the lithium battery for
memory backup needs to be replaced.
Remaining chart length
Indication of Remaining Chart Length
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