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4.8.2 Battery Replacement
The [ ] illumination indication shows lithium battery deterioration, which is
used for memory backup. The battery has a lifetime of approximately 10 years under
normal operation.
When [ ] is illuminated, contact Omega Engineering.
Replacing the lithium battery can be dangerous. Do not attempt to replace the
battery; never disassemble the recorder for replacing the battery.
4.8.3 Fuse Replacement
Replacing the fuse every two years is recommended as preventive maintenance.
Replacing procedure is as follows:
(1) Turn the power switch OFF.
(2) Take out the chart cassette; the fuse holder is found in the main unit.
Turn the fuse carrier counterclockwise to release it with the fuse.
(3) Change the fuse with a new one, and insert the carrier to the fuse holder turning it
clockwise for fixing.
Fuse Replacement
To protect against personal injury, turn the power switch OFF and disconnect
the recorder from the main power line before replacing the fuse.
To protect against an accident such as a fire, use only the specified fuse
Fuse part number: A1360EF
Original manufacturer: Shelter Littel
Original manufacturers product code: FST0034.524 313.500
Ratings: 250V AC T 0.5 A 250VACT 0.5 A
Recorders with a gray power switch
Fuse part number: A1512EF
Original manufactturer: wickmann-Werke GmbH
Original manufacturers product code: No.19195
Ratings: 250V AC T0.8A
Recorders with a white power switch
4.8.4 Cleaning the Carriage Shafts
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