4 - 17
4.8 Maintenance
(8) The indicator displays [], and the pen will move to the adjusted position.
Confirm the pen position and press the [ENT] key.
(9) The indicator returns to [] or []. When you want to carry out the
position adjustment again, press the [ENT] key and carry out step (6) again. When
another adjustmens are required, select [] or [] again by pressing
the [] key. In order to finish the adjustment, press the [ESC] key to return to the
[] indication.
(10) Before leaving the SET UP mode, its contents should be stored.
Select [ ] by pressing the [] key, and press the [ENT] key.
(11) Select [] to keep setting values valid, or select [] to abort
them by pressing the [] key, and press the [ENT] key.
The SET UP mode finishes, and several seconds after, the mode returns to the
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