Protective Grounding
Make sure to connect the protective grounding to prevent an electric shock
before turning on the power.
Necessity of Protective Grounding
Never cut off the internal or external protective grounding wire or disconnect the
wiring of protective grounding terminal. Doing so poses a potential shock.
Defects of Protective Grounding and Fuse
Do not operate the recorder when protective grounding or fuse might be
To prevent a fire, use the fuse with specified ratings. Before replacing the fuse,
turn off the power and disconnect the power source. Do not use an off-
specification fuse or short circuit the fuseholder.
Do not Operate in an Explosive Atmosphere
Do not operate the recorder in the presence of flammable liquids or vapors.
Operation of any electrical instrument in such an environment constitutes a
safety hazard.
Keep Away from Live Circuits
Inside this recorder there are areas of high voltage; therefore, never touch the
interior when the power supply is connected. The recorder has replacable parts
and subassemblies; however, the replacement must be carried out only by
OMEGA service personnel or properly trained personnel only.
External Connection
Before connecting to measurement and control unit, connect the protective
grounding wire.
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