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6.1 Setting Input Range and Recording Span (RANGE)
One of the following parameters can be set for every channel:
SKIP Prevents the specified channel from being measured, recorded and displayed .
VOLT Measures and records DC-voltage.
TC Measures and records temperatures using Thermocouple.
RTD Measures and records temperatures using Resistance Temperature Detector .
DI Accepts Digital Input (contact/voltage level) and performs ON/OFF
DELT Performs difference computation between two channels which have same
input range.
SCL Performs scaling on voltage measurements.
Scaling results in appending a different scale to the measured values.
SQRT Takes the square root ( ) of DC-voltage measured data.
NOTE Restrictions apply to the measurable types of input depending on the type of
recorder used. Check your recorder type as indicated on the nameplate (see
page 1-4 of the instruction manual for details on the nameplate), and then refer
to the following table.
Model Code Measurable Type of Input
SR100x-B-1 Voltage (VOLT), thermocouple (TC), contact (DI), SCL, SQRT
SR100x-B-2 Resistance temperature detector (RTD)
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