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Chapter 7 SET UP MODE
This chapter describes the Set Up Mode.
7.1 Setting the Output Relay to Energize/De-energize Upon Alarm (option)
7.2 Setting Alarm Hysteresis On/Off
7.3 Setting the A/D Integration Time (Pen model)
7.4 Setting Upscale/Downscale TC Burnout
7.5 Configuring the Input Filter (Pen Model)
7.6 Setting for Moving Average Calculations (Dot-printing model)
7.7 Turning Offset Settings Protection On/Off
7.8 Assigning Different Colors to Channels (Dot-printing model)
7.9 Setting Pen Offset Compensation On/Off (Pen model, /D1 option)
7.10 Turning Alarm Printing On/Off
7.11 Setting Periodic Printout On/Off
7.12 Turning Printing of Changes in Chart Speed On/Off
7.13 Turning Printing of Channel Numbers On/Off (Dot-printing model)
7.14 Selecting channel Number or Tag
7.15 Changing the Temperature Unit (/D2 option)
7.16 Changing Default Settings for REMOTE Operation (option)
7.17 Turning the Setting Protection Function On/Off
7.18 Initializing Settings
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