7 - 2
Setting the Output Relay to Energize/De-energize Upon Alarm (option)
The following settings are avairable only for the model with relay options (A1/A2/A3).
The alarm output relays can be selected to be energizing or de-energizing on alarm.
Using de-energizing, alarm output relay is activated either when an alarm occurs, or
when power off occurs (common for all relays). This enables simple monitoring of
power supply.
The initial value is ‘ENERG’.
Enter the SET UP mode by turning ‘ON’ the power while pressing and holding the [CH
UP] (ENT) key until the SET UP display appears.
Use the [] key to select the display []. Press the [ENT] key.
Press the [ ] key until the display [ ] appears. Press the [ENT] key.
Use the [] key to select [] or []. Press the [ENT] key. The
display [ ] appears.
Before leaving the SET UP mode, you have to store your new settings. Use the [] key
to select the [] display, and press the [ENT] key.
Select [ ] to keep your new settings or [] to abort the settings, and
press the [ENT] key. After a few seconds, the OPERATION mode will appear.
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