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7.3 Setting A/D Integration Time (Pen model)
The purpose of the following setting is to specify which A/D integration time will be
used. Depending on the power supply, the integration time will affect the ability of
noise rejection and therefore the recording.
If the power supply of the recorder and of the measuring object are the same, the effect
of noise will be automatically minimized and the (initial) value of AUTO is the
recommended one.
If the power supplies are different, you should select from 50Hz or 60Hz integration
time. The choice depends on the power supply of the instrument with the highest noise
There are three possibilities:
AUTO: integration time depends on the power supply of the recorder.
• 50Hz
• 60Hz.
The initial value is ‘AUTO’.
Enter the SET UP mode by turning ‘ON’ the power while pressing and holding the [CH
UP] (ENT) key until the SET UP display appears.
Use the [] key to select the display []. Press the [ENT] key.
Select ‘AUTO’, ‘50’ or ‘60’ according to your situation using the [] key.
Then press the [ENT] key. The display [ ] appears.
Before leaving the SET UP mode, you have to store your new settings. Use the [] key
to select the [] display, and press the [ENT] key.
Select [ ] to keep your new settings or [] to abort the settings, and
press the [ENT] key. After a few seconds, the OPERATION mode will appear.
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