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7.14 Selecting channel Number or Tag
7.14 Selecting channel Number or Tag
You can select channel numbers or tags printed out in the periodic, channel (Dot-
printing model) and alarm printout.
If you select OFF:
Channel numbers
If you select ON:
Tags, and in the list printing these printed.
The initial value is OFF, and this setting is common for all channels.
Enter the SET UP mode by turning ON the power while pressing and holding the [CH
UP] ( ENT) key until the SET UP display appears.
Use the [] key to select the display []. Press the [ENT] key.
Select ONor OFF using the [ ] key.
Press the [ENT] key. The display [ ] appears.
Before leaving the SET UP mode, you have to store your new settings. Use the [] key
to select the [] display, and press the [ENT] key.
Select [ ] to keep your new settings or [] to abort the settings, and
press the [ENT] key. After a few seconds, the OPERATION mode will appear.
NOTE If you choose ON for Tag Settings and execute list printing, you can check the
details on the tag defined in the SET mode.
(see page 4-8, Pen model Printing Sample.)
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