7 - 16
7.15 Changing the Temperature Unit (/D2 option)
For the TC or RTD type, the recorder will automatically append the temperature unit
C or °F).
The initial value is expressed in °C, and common for all channels.
Enter the SET UP mode by turning ON the power while pressing and holding the [CH
UP] (ENT) key until the SET UP display appears.
Use the [] key to select the display []. Press the [ENT] key.
Select [] (°C) or [] (°F) using the [] key.
Press the [ENT] key. The display [] appears.
Before leaving the SET UP mode, you have to store your new settings. Use the [] key
to select the [] display, and press the [ENT] key.
Select [ ] to keep your new settings or [] to abort the settings, and
press the [ENT] key. After a few seconds, the OPERATION mode will appear.
NOTE When you change this setting, all settings in the SET mode will return to their
initial values.
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