1Check the instrument before using it.
If the instrument displays problems or abnormal actions, do not use it and check it against
the "TROUBLESHOOTING" list on P.87.
For the disposal of this instrument and consumable parts, contact a waste disposer or call your
distributor or the Topcon offices stated on the back cover.
WARNING Before using this instrument, make sure that the handles, levers, knobs
and rings with red marks are securely tightened. Any of these falling off
could cause injury or even death.
WARNING Before using this instrument, adjust the balance of the 2nd arm. The 2nd
arm may move up and down suddenly during an operation, causing an
WARNING Make sure no error code is displayed in the light intensity display
window. If errors are displayed, the instrument may not operate
normally, causing problems during an operation.
NOTE Make sure that the 2nd arm is balanced correctly.
NOTE Make sure that the spare lamp lights up.
NOTE Make sure that the foot switch connector is connected to the root of the 1st arm.
NOTE Make sure that the circuit breaker is operating normally.
NOTE Make sure that the caster is locked and the instrument is securely fixed.
WARNING The gas spring in the 2nd arm contains high-pressure gas. Do not
disassemble the 2nd arm or expose it to fire. You may be injured.
CAUTION Do not open the instrument, as this may lead to an electric shock.
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