In order to maintain the safety and performance of the equipment, never attempt to carry out
maintenance of parts other than those specified herein: all other maintenance should be carried out
only by our service personnel. The parts that can be repaired by users are displayed below; for details,
refer to the proper text in this manual.
Replacing with the spare lamp
The illumination lamp can be replaced. (Refer to " REPLACING WITH THE SPARE LAMP" on P.79 in
this manual.)
Operating the circuit breaker
The circuit breaker can be reset. (Refer to "OPERATING THE CIRCUIT BREAKER" on P.98 in this
WARNING Use only the specified lamp.
Otherwise, overheating may cause a fire.
CAUTION Do not open the instrument, as this may lead to an electric shock.
CAUTION Handle the lamp house with care during and immediately following
The lamp house heats up while in operation and can cause burns.
NOTE Ask your distributor or the Topcon offices stated on the back cover to repair the
TOPCON shall take no responsibility for damage due to fire, earthquakes, actions by third persons
and other accidents, or the negligence and misuse of the user and use under unusual conditions.
TOPCON shall take no responsibility for damage resulting from the inability to use this equipment,
such as a loss of business profits or the suspension of business.
TOPCON shall take no responsibility for damage caused by operations other than those described
in this instruction manual.
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