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Because of the number of features available in this control, information is included
that may not apply to your specific control. All usable features are included in this
book, but may not be used in your process. To increase clarity the following conven-
tions are used:
1. Certain features, Menu Items, and functions shown in this book may or may not
appear on your control, depending on other Menu Item selections. At various places
in the Menus there are notes identifying Menu Items that "control" or "direct" other
menu items. If you are looking for a particular menu item and can't find it, check the
menu item that is its "control" for proper setting.
2. The "#" symbol is used in two ways. It is used inside a group of characters to
indicate which set point function (SP1 or SP2) is being affected. It is also used before
a group of characters of a menu item to indicate that there may be more than one
selection or value for that menu item. This is used for certain repeated items such as
in the Ramp/Soak Program section.
3. Features that apply only to Options will be printed in Italics.
The home display is the normal display while the control is operating. If no errors or
functions are active, the HOME display will indicate the Process Variable (the tem-
perature, pressure, flow, RH, etc., that is being measured) on the top display and the
Set Variable (Set Point 1) on the bottom.
Items that can change the HOME display are the Auto/Manual function, the Prog
function, the PctO function, and any error message. Description of these special dis-
plays follow.
If Auto/Manual is enabled, the Manual indicator lights, and the home display is
changed. The upper display continues to show the Process Variable (PV), but the
lower display changes to show the percentage of output in tenths of a percent to
99.9% (0.0 to 99.9), or 100 if 100%. The display digit to the right of the number
shows a flashing letter oto indicate that the value displayed is no longer the SV, but
percent output. The SP2 output is indicated by the use of an overline on the letter
o. Access to the SP2 value is done by the INDEX key. See Auto/Manual Operation
on Page 13 for further information.
If Prog is turned On, the HOME display changes the SV display from SP1to the
Present Set Variable as calculated by the Ramp/Soak Programmer function. See
Programming and Operation for Ramp/Soak Feature for more information.
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