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Ramp / Soak Operation
When you wish to start the program, enter the Secondary Menu and set the Prog
menu item to On. Return to the HOME position by waiting for the display to time out
or by pressing the UP ARROW / ENTER keys and then the DOWN ARROW / INDEX
The home display will read as it normally does. The HOLD indicator over the RUN /
HOLD key will be lit. To start the program press INDEX to display Prog. Press the
UP ARROW key to select run and press ENTER. The HOLD indicator will go out, and
the program will start.
To suspend the program at any time, INDEX to Prog, press the DOWN ARROW key
to display HOLd, and press ENTER. To resume, INDEX to Prog, press the UP
ARROW to select run, and press ENTER.
Entering the AUTO / MANUAL mode will also suspend the program operation. The
difference is that AUTO / MANUAL also puts the control into manual mode. See Auto
/ Manual Operation.
The function of the Primary Menu will change depending on the setting of the StAt
menu item in the Secondary Menu. If StAt is OFF then the Primary Menu is not
If the StAt menu item is set to On, then the Primary Menu has three additional infor-
mation items added before SP1 appears. The first INDEX item, ####/ ti, displays
the time remaining in the current segment. The next INDEX item, ####/##ti, displays
the total time for the active segment (1ti...16ti). The third INDEX item, ####/##SP,
displays the segment set value (1SP...16SP). The next INDEX press resumes the
normal Primary Menu.
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