The following menu items apply only if your control is equipped with a sec-
ond set point (last digit of model number is not zero and Alarm Programming
code is zero). If your control does not have a second set point or if the sec-
ond output is programmed as Alarm, jump to the"tunE" menu on the follow-
ing pages.
Out2 Output selection: Select OnOf, 2tP, 2PuL, or ProP.
ONOF A setting of ONOF allows the control to operate as a simple on/off
mode. This setting forces the control to turn off at set point, and on at the set
point plus the differential (SP2d). When selected, the Out2/OnOF menu item
is followed by ####/SP2d, and the Pb2 selection in the Secondary menu
and the S2OL and S2OH selections in the Secure menu are suppressed.
SP2d Set Point On-Off Differential (hysteresis). Select 1to 9999
(direct acting), or -1 to -9999 (reverse acting). This value will be
negative for reverse acting set points, and positive for direct acting
outputs. Set the value for the amount of difference between the turn
off point set point) and the turn on point. The drawing on the
previous page (See SP1d) shows output behavior for reverse and
direct acting.
##tP Time Proportioning Cycle Time. Select 1tP to 80tP.
1tP A setting of 1tP is recommended for solid state outputs
(SSR or 15VDC).
2tP to 80tP Time Proportioning Control is adjustable in 1 second
steps. Recommended for mechanical outputs (relays,
solenoids, etc.). For best contact life, a time should be
selected as long as possible without causing the process to
#PuL Pulsed Time Proportioning Output: Select 1PuL to
7PuL. 1PuL = Linear and 7PuL = most nonlinear. Changes
output linearity for use in cooling applications or for an
extremely fast response processes. At the center of the
proportional band, a pulse value of 1 provides an output of
one second on and one second off (50% output). A pulse
value of 2 provides an output of one second on and two
seconds off (33% output). Output at center of band equals
one second on, 2(pulse value-1) seconds off.
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