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StAt Programmer Status Display in the Primary Menu when Prog (above) is On:
Select On or OFF.
OFF The Primary Menu operates as normal.
On The Primary Menu is altered to have the following items inserted
before the SP1 menu item: ####/ti (time remaining in segment),
####/##ti (total time in active segment), and ####/##SP (segment
target set point).
tbAS Ramp/Soak Time Base. Select 1_S or 60_S.
1_S Ramp/Soak time base is in 1 second increments. Program time
1ti...16ti is measured in seconds.
60_S Ramp/Soak time base is in 60 second increments (minutes).
Program time 1ti...16ti is measured in minutes.
The following items repeat in the following order: 1ti, 1SP, 1A1 (if alarm 1 is
programmed as an event), 2ti, 2SP, 2A1, . . . , 16ti, 16SP,16A1. To avoid rep-
etition each item will only be described once.
1ti Segment Time: Select 0to 9999 units (minutes if tbaS is set to 60_S,
seconds if tbaS is set to 1_S.
1SP Segment Set Point: Select as desired.
1AL Segment Alarm Event: Select On or OFF .
On Alarm is active during segment 1 time (1ti).
OFF Alarm is inactive during segment 1 time (1ti).
PEnd Program End action: Select Hold or OoFF.
Hold Stay at the Present Set Point (16SP).
OoFF Turn Off SP1 and SP2 Outputs at the end of the program.
LooP Repeat program starting at 1ti.
SP1 Revert to SP1 value.
InPC Input Correction: Select ±500 °F, °C, or counts. This feature allows the input
value to be changed to agree with an external reference or to compensate
for sensor error. Note: InPC is reset to zero when the input type is
changed, or when decimal position is changed.
FiLt Digital Filter: Select OFF, 1 to 99. In some cases the time constant of the
sensor, or noise could cause the display to jump enough to be unreadable.
A setting of 2 is usually sufficient to provide enough filtering for most cases,
(2 represents approximately a 1 second time constant). When the 0.1
degree resolution is selected this should be increased to 4. If this value is set
too high, controllability will suffer.
LPbr Loop Break Protection: Select OFF, 1 to 9999 seconds. If, during operation,
the output is minimum (0%) or maximum (100%), and the input moves less
than 5°F (3°C) or 5 counts over the time set for LPbr, the LOOP bAd
message will appear. This condition can also be routed to an Alarm
Condition if alarms are present and turned On (see ALbr in the secure
menu). The loop break error can be reset by pressing the ENTER key when
at the LPbr menu item. The INDEX & ENTER keys may also be used.
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