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LOrE (Option C4, Serial Communications) Local / Remote Status: Select
LOC or rE.
LOC The host computer is advised not to send remote commands. Any
write commands sent to the controls will be rejected.
rE The host computer is allowed to send write commands. If the
control is not addressed within the time set in the nAt (No Activity
Timer, see Secure Menu) the CHEC LorE error message will be
Addr (Option C4, Serial Communications) Control Address: Set from1 to
3FF. This number (hexadecimal, base 16) must match the address
number used by the host computer. Viewed only in this menu. To
change this parameter, see Addr in the Secure Menu.
Hold UP ARROW & ENTER for 5 Seconds. Press INDEX to advance to the next
menu item. Press UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW to change the value in the dis-
play. Press ENTER to retain the value.
SECr Security Code: See the Security Level Selection and the Password Table in
this manual, in order to enter the correct password.
InP Input Type: Select one of the following. Refer to the Input wiring section for
the proper wiring.
J-IC Type “J” Thermocouple
CA Type “K” Thermocouple
E- Type “E” Thermocouple
t- Type “T” Thermocouple
L- Type “L” Thermocouple
n- Type “N” Thermocouple
r- 13 Type “R” Thermocouple
S-10 Type “S” Thermocouple
b- Type “B” Thermocouple
C- Type “C” Thermocouple
P392 100 ohm Platinum (NIST 0.00392 /°C)
n120 120 ohm Nickel
P385 100 ohm Platinum (DIN 0.00385 /°C)
1P38 1000 ohm Platinum (DIN 0.00385 /°C)
Curr DC Current Input 0.0 to 20.0 or 4.0 to 20.0 mA.
VoLt DC Voltage Input 0.0 to 5.0 or 1.0 to 5.0 volts.
diFF DC Voltage Input -10 to +10 mV.
---- Reserved
OSUP Zero Suppression: Select On or OFF. Only with Current and Voltage input
OFF The input range will start at 0 (zero) Input.
On The input range will start at 4.00 mA or 1.00 V.
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