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HoLd Manual Reset. Reset (acknowledge) by simultaneously pressing the
INDEX & DOWN ARROW keys for 5 seconds.
S1Pi Set Point 1 Power Interrupt. Select On or OFF.
On Alarm Power Interrupt is On. Control will automatically reset on
power-up if no alarm condition exists.
OFF Alarm Power Interrupt is OFF. Control will power-up in alarm
condition regardless of condition of process.
S1iH Set Point 1 Inhibit: Select On or OFF.
On Alarm Inhibit is On. Alarm action is suspended until the process
value first enters a non-alarm condition.
OFF Alarm Inhibit is OFF.
S1LP Set Point Lamp: Select O on or OoFF.
O on Lamp ON when Output is ON.
OoFF Lamp OFF when Output is ON.
If your control is not equipped with a second output or if the second output
is programmed as an alarm, then proceed to the alarm section (next page).
S2t Set Point 2 type: Select Abs or dE.
AbS Absolute SP2. SP2 is independent of SP1, and may be set
anywhere between the limits of SPL and SPH.
dE Deviation SP2. SP2 is set as a deviation from SP1, and allows SP2
to retain its relationship with SP1 when SP1 is changed (tracking
S2St Set Point 2 State: Select dir or rE.
dir Direct Action. As the input increases the output will increase. Most
commonly used in cooling processes.
rE Reverse Action. As the input increases the output will decrease.
Most commonly used in heating processes.
If Out2 is set for ##tP, #PUL, or ProP,then S2OL and S2OH (following) appear. If
Out2 is set for ONOF, then skip to S2rE.
S2OL Set Point Output Low Limit: Select 0to 100% but not greater than S2OH.
This item limits the lowest output value. This is useful for adding a bias to
the process when needed. Factory set to 0for output codes 1,2, and 3.
Factory set to 20 for output code 5 (20% output equals 4 mA output).
S2OH Set Point 1 Output High Limit: Select 0to 100% but not less than S2OL for
output codes 1, 2, or 3. Select 0to 102% but not less than S2OL for
output code 5. This item allows setting the maximum output limit. This is
useful with processes that are overpowered. Adjustment to 102% allows
setting current output to force a full on condition for output devices which
do not have bias adjustments. Factory set to 100 for all output codes.
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