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S2rE Set Point 2 Reset. Select OnOF or Hold.
OnOF Control will automatically reset when process passes back through
HoLd Manual Reset. Reset (acknowledge) by simultaneously pressing the
INDEX & DOWN ARROW keys for 5seconds.
S2Pi Set Point 2 Power Interrupt. Select On or OFF.
On Alarm Power Interrupt is On. Control will automatically reset on
power-up if no alarm condition exists.
OFF Alarm Power Interrupt is OFF. Control will power-up in alarm
condition regardless of condition of process.
S2iH Set Point 2 Inhibit: Select On or OFF.
On Alarm Inhibit is On. Alarm action is suspended until the process
value first enters a non-alarm condition.
OFF Alarm Inhibit is OFF.
S2LP Set Point 2 Lamp: Select O on or OoFF.
O on Lamp ON when Output is ON.
OoFF Lamp OFF when Output is ON.
The following menu item applies only to the alarm when programmed.
AL Alarm function: Select OFF, Lo, Hi, HiLo, or Evnt.
OFF Alarm is disabled. No Alarm menu items appear in the Secondary
or Secure menus.
Lo Low Alarm Only. ALLo appears in the Secondary Menu.
Hi High Alarm Only. ALHi appears in the Secondary Menu.
HiLo High and Low Alarms. Both ALLo and ALHi appear in the
Secondary Menu, and share the same Alarm Relay output.
Evnt Alarm is controlled by the Ramp/Soak program function. See pages
11-13 (#AL) for further information.
If AL is set to OFF and the control is not equipped with options, the Secure Menu
ends. If AL is set to OFF or the second output is programmed as control, and the
control is equipped with options, proceed to Addr.
If AL is set to Evnt, go to ALSt
ALt Alarm Type: Select AbS or dE
AbS Absolute Alarm that may be set anywhere within the values of
SCAL and SCAH and is independent of SP1.
dE Deviation Alarm that may be set as an offset from SP1. As SP1 is
changed the Alarm Point will track with SP1. A deviation alarm will
also track any active ramp or soak set point.
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