Take the example of a Series CN74000 that comes from the factory programmed for
type J thermocouples. Suppose for this example you wish to change the input to
type K and limit the set point range between 0° and 1000° C.
First, enter the Secure menu as instructed on page 5. Press the INDEX key until the
display shows Inp and press the DOWN ARROW until the display shows CA. Don't
forget to press the ENTER key to retain your setting.
Next, press the INDEX key to display Unit. Press the DOWN ARROW until the dis-
play shows C. Press ENTER.
Next, press the INDEX key until SPL is displayed (pass the dPt and InPt selections).
Press the UP ARROW until the display shows 0. Press ENTER.
Finally, press INDEX key to display SPH. Press the DOWN ARROW until the display
shows 1000. Press ENTER.
The necessary program changes are now complete. After 60 seconds the display will
switch back to the temperature reading. If you want to return faster, press the UP
ARROW and ENTER keys (at the same time) and then press the DOWN ARROW and
INDEX keys ( again at the same time). This will 'back out' of the menu and immedi-
ately display the temperature reading.
If you want to use Self Tune®, Auto/Manual, or the Ramp/Soak Programmer features,
see the special sections on these items. Page numbers for these are in the Contents
section on the previous page.
Install the control as described on page 4.
Wire your control following the instructions on page 5. If you are using a two-wire
transmitter as an input, see the drawing and instructions on page 7. Option wiring
instructions are on page 6. Option descriptions are on page 4, and specific
instructions start on page 17.
Most controls do not need many (if any) program changes to work on your
process. For best results when programming changes are necessary, make all
the necessary changes in the Secure Menu (page 26) before making changes to
the Secondary Menu (page 19). If error messages occur, check the Diagnostic
Error Messages on page 34 and 35 for help.
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