0 = No
1 = Yes
Output A
2 = 5 VDC
3 = Relay
Output B
0 = None
3 = Relay
C4 RS-485 Serial Communications. Allows remote computer to read and write
all control parameters.
LV 12-24 VDC/VAC 50-400 Hz power supply (control operates on low voltage
Note: Only Option LV may be combined with another option. No other options
may be combined.
Mount the instrument in a location that will not be subject to excessive temperature,
shock, or vibration. All models are designed for mounting in an enclosed panel.
Select the position desired for the instrument on the panel. If more than one instru-
ment is required, maintain the minimum of spacing requirements as shown on the
drawing opposite. Closer spacing will structurally weaken the panel, and invalidate
the IP66, UL type 4 rating of the panel.
It is not necessary to remove the control chassis from the
housing for installation. If the control chassis is removed from
the housing, you must follow industry standard practice for
control and protection against Electro-Static Discharge (ESD).
Failure to exercise good ESD practices may cause damage to
the control.
Page 4
C4 = RS485
LV = Low Voltage
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