Prepare the panel by cutting and deburring the required opening(s).
From the front of the panel, slide the housing through the cutout. The housing gas-
ket should be flat against the housing flange before installing.
From the rear of the panel slide the mounting collar over the housing. Hold the
housing with one hand and using the other hand, push the collar evenly against
the panel until the spring loops are slightly compressed. The ratchets will hold the
mounting collar and housing in place. To remove,gently lift the ratchets and slide a
piece of heavy paper or mylar sheet under each ratchet (a business card works
well). Slide the collar off of the housing.
Do not run thermocouple or other class 2 wiring in the same conduit as power
leads. Use only the type of thermocouple or RTD probe for which the control has
been programmed. Maintain separation between wiring of sensor, auxiliary in or
out, and other wiring. See the "Secure Menu" for input selection.
For thermocouple input always use extension leads of the same type designated
for your thermocouple.
For supply connections use No. 18 AWG wires rated for at least 75°C. Use cop-
per conductors only. All line voltage output circuits must have a common discon-
nect and be connected to the same pole of the disconnect.
Input wiring for thermocouple, current, and RTD; and output wiring for current, DC
SSR, and 5 VDC is rated CLASS 2.
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