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The decimal point flashes when Self-Tune is operating.
Keys are illuminated when pressed. Key functions are as follows:
INDEX: Pressing the INDEX key advances the display to the next menu
item. May also be used in conjunction with other keys as noted below.
UP ARROW: Increments a value, changes a menu item, or selects the item
to ON. The maximum value obtainable is 9999 regardless of decimal point
DOWN ARROW: Decrements a value, changes a menu item, or selects the
item to OFF. The minimum value obtainable is -1999 regardless of decimal
point placement.
ENTER: Pressing ENTER stores the value or the item changed. If not
pressed, the previously stored value or item will be retained. The display will
flash once when ENTER is pressed.
UP ARROW & ENTER: Pressing these keys simultaneously brings up the second-
ary menu starting at the alarm, tune, or cycle item (depending on programming).
Pressing these keys for 5 seconds will bring up the secure menu.
INDEX & DOWN ARROW: Pressing these keys simultaneously will allow backing
up one menu item, or if at the first menu item they will cause the display to return to
the primary menu. If an alarm condition has occurred, these keys may be used to
reset the alarm. To reset an alarm press and hold both keys for three seconds.
INDEX & ENTER: Pressing these keys simultaneously and holding them for 5 sec-
onds allows recovery from the various error messages. The following menu items will
be reset:
ALiH: Alarm inhibit OPEn InP: Input error message
bAd InP: Input error message CHEC CAL: Check calibration error
Correct the problems associated with the above conditions before using
these reset keys. More than one error could be present. Caution is advised since
several items are reset at one time.
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