3.0 MENU
The strobe has a Menu which allows the user to select settings such as
number of decimal places, backlight on or off, pulse width and positive or
negative edge for input and output signal.
To enter the MENU:
1. Press the ALT FUNCTION button and then the MENU button.
2. SetUP and the menu option will be displayed.
3. Turn the tuning knob to cycle through the main menu selections.
4. Once the desired menu option is displayed, press the MENU button to
select it. Press any other button to cancel.
5. Turn the tuning knob to edit the menu option.
6. Press the MENU button to save your changes. Press any other button
to cancel.
7. Press any button other than MENU to exit the Main Menu.
8. DONE will be displayed.
Below is a list of the menu items:
DECPT- Decimal Point (none, 1 or 2)
BLITE- Backlight (Yes=On or No=Off)
INPUT- Positive (pos) or Negative (neg) Edge for Input Signal
OUTPT- Positive (pos) or Negative (neg) Edge for Output Signal
while pushing it into place (see Figure 4). Make sure the lamp is
in straight and centered in the reflector hole.
CAUTION: Do NOT allow the reflector to contact the lamp.
4. Reinstall the reflector and then position the front lens in place
matching up the notches on the lens with the two small tabs on
the housing to prevent lens rotation (see Figure 4). Push the tabs
on the front rim outward and press the lens into place.
Figure 4 Lamp Replacement
Red Dots
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