To turn on the stroboscope, depress and hold the trigger. The trigger may be
locked in position using the side locking button. To lock the stroboscope
on, depress the trigger as far as it will go and then press the locking button.
Once the locking button is set you may release the trigger and the trigger will
be held in place. To unlock the stroboscope, simply depress the trigger and
then release.
There are three major operating modes for the Strobe. These are Internal,
External and Charging (Battery powered model only). In the Internal
Mode, the knob adjusts the flash rate. In the External Mode, an external
signal from a remote sensor is used to trigger the flash and the knob has no
effect. The Charging Mode (Battery powered model only) is when the
strobe has the battery recharger plugged into it. The strobe will continuously
display the state of the battery charge while being recharged.
4.1 Internal Mode - Standard Strobe Operation
In the Internal Mode the stroboscope generates it’s own signals and
functions like a tunable stroboscope. The strobe is in the Internal
Mode when nothing is plugged into the input jack or when manually
set using the INPUT button.
To change the flash rate:
With the power on, turn the knob counter clockwise to increase the flash
rate and clockwise to decrease it. The knob is velocity sensitive. Turn the
knob slowly to have each “click” is equal to 0.01 FPM. Turning the knob
more quickly will adjust the FPM by larger steps. When adjusting flash
rate, quickly turn the knob (or use the x2 or ÷2 buttons) to coarsely
change the FPM. Then slowly turn the knob for fine adjustments.
6.1 Lamp Replacement
WARNING: Before attempting to remove the lamp, make
sure the stroboscope is turned off and any
mains cord is removed from the AC outlet. Allow
the lamp to cool waiting at least 5 minutes.
The stroboscope is designed to discharge the internal high voltages
within 30 seconds. However, caution should be exercised when replacing
the lamp.
The lamp can be replaced by using just a pocket screwdriver. It is not
necessary to remove any screws to replace the lamp.
To change the lamp:
1. Push apart the two tabs on the side of the reflector housing and
remove the lens using a small screwdriver to help pry one tab and
lift the lens. Take care not to pry the tab any more than is necessary
to free the lens. The reflector is held in place by the front lens and
will come loose, but it is not necessary to remove the reflector.
2. Hold the lamp with a cloth between your forefinger and thumb
and rock it back and forth gently while pulling out. Do not attempt
to rotate the lamp. The lamp is socketed and will come out easily
when pulled straight out.
WARNING: Do NOT touch the new lamp with bare fingers.
3. The lamps are polarized and must be put into the socket matching
polarity. Using a lint free cloth, match up the red dot on the
plug with the red dot on the socket and gently rock the lamp
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