Safeguards and Precautions
1. Read and follow all instructions in this manual carefully, and
retain this manual for future reference.
2. Do not use this instrument in any manner inconsistent with
these operating instructions or under any conditions that
exceed the environmental specifications stated.
3. Use of this product may induce an epileptic seizure in persons
prone to this type of attack.
4. Objects viewed with this product may appear to be stationary
when in fact they are moving at high speeds. Always keep a
safe distance from moving machinery and do no touch the target.
5. There are lethal voltages present inside this product. Refer to
the section on Lamp Replacement before attempting to open
this product.
AC Stroboscopes that have three wire mains cable must
have the earth wire connected to a suitable Earth point.
6. Do not allow liquids or metallic objects to enter the ventilation
holes on the stroboscope as this may cause permanent
damage and void the warranty.
7. Do not allow cables extending from unit to come into contact
with rotating machinery, as serious damage to the equipment,
or severe personal injury or death may occur as a result.
8. Do not direct strobe flash toward certain data collectors, as it
may temporarily interrupt data collector operation, and could
result in loss of stored data.
9. This instrument may not be safe for use in certain hazardous
environments, and serious personal injury or death could occur
as a result of improper use. Please refer to your facility’s
safety program for proper precautions.
HHT32-LAMP Digital Stroboscope replacement lamp
HHT32R-URC Universal Recharger, 115/230 Vac with USA, U.K.,
AUS, Euro Adapter Plugs for battery operated Nova-
Strobes (one supplied with battery strobe)
HHT20-ROS Remote Optical Sensor with 8 foot [2.5 m] cable for
triggering strobe
HHT-RT-5 Reflective tape - 5 foot [1.5 m] roll, 0.5 inch [12.7 mm]
HHT32-SPC Splash proof Protective Cover for Battery Powered
Strobe ONLY
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