10. The HHT32R contains Nickel Metal Hydride batteries which must
be disposed of in accordance with Federal, State, & Local
Regulations. Do not incinerate. Batteries should be shipped to
a reclamation facility for recovery of the metal and plastic
components as the proper method of waste management.
Contact distributor for appropriate product return procedures.
11. This instrument is not user serviceable. For technical
assistance, contact the sales organization from which you
purchased the product.
In order to comply with EU Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste
Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE): This product
may contain material which could be hazardous to human health
and the environment. DO NOT DISPOSE of this product as un-
sorted municipal waste. This product needs to be RECYCLED in
accordance with local regulations, contact your local authorities
for more information. This product may be returnable to your distributor for
recycling - contact the distributor for details.
HHT32R Specific:
Trigger to Flash Delay 13 ┬Ásec typical
Input Power Battery powered: Internal Rechargeable
Batteries 6 Vdc, External AC recharger (100 Vac
to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz)
Light Output Average: 13 Watts typical > 4000 FPM
Instantaneous (per flash): 230 mJoule typical
to 4000 FPM
Run Time 2 hours typical at 1800 FPM, and over 1 hour at
6000 FPM with fully charged batteries
Charge Time 4-5 hours typical with PSC-2U
Weight 1.875 lbs [0.8505 kg] including batteries
HHT31R Specific:
Trigger to Flash Delay 16 ┬Ásec typical
Input Power AC powered: 115 Vac OR 230 Vac, 35VA (as
Light Output Average Power: 15.5 Watts typical > 4000 FPM
Instantaneous (per flash): 230 mJoule typical
to 4000 FPM
Run Time Continuous within temperature limitations.
Vents must not be restricted. Unit must be
Weight 1.55 lbs [0.70 kg]
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