All descriptions in this manual apply to both the battery powered (HHT32R)
and AC mains powered (HHT31R) digital stroboscopes except where noted.
1.1 Display Panel / Definition of Buttons
The display panel consists of
a backlighted liquid crystal
display with six numeric digits
on top and five alphanumeric
digits on the bottom, which
indicate modes, flash rates, etc.
(see Figure 1).
Additional information
displayed include:
TIME Unused
AUTO Unused
ALT. Indicates
alternate (lower) function of each button and knob
will be used
TACH Tachometer Mode active (strobe won’t flash)
LOCK Unused
EXT External Mode active
On Target Indicator for Tachometer Mode and
Remote Sensor in External Mode
- - - - - Indicates input frequency exceeds the limit of the
(Battery Powered Model Only) Battery indication,
see section 7.0
Figure 1 Display Panel
7.3 Battery Disposal
Prior to disposing of the battery-powered strobe, the user must remove
the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. To do this, remove the lens,
reflector and lamp as detailed in the Lamp Replacement section. This
will expose four (4) screws that must be removed so the reflector
housing can be dismantled. There are four (4) additional screws in the
case half opposite the input and output jacks that must be removed.
The case halves can now be separated, exposing the batteries. Remove
the cables from the batteries and place tape over the battery terminals
to prevent them from shorting. The batteries should be sent to a
recycling center or returned to the factory. The rest of the parts may
now be disposed of.
Internal Mode:
Flash Range 30 - 20,000 FPM (Flashes Per Minute)
Flash Rate Accuracy 0.002% of setting or ± last digit
Flash Rate Resolution 0.01 to 1 FPM (menu selectable), 0.1 FPM
max resolution above 9,999.99 FPM
Display Update Rate Instantaneous
External Modes:
Flash Range and Display same as internal mode - External flash rates
to 0 are acceptable
Tachometer Measurements 5 to 250,000 RPM
Accuracy: ±0.001% of reading or ± last digit
Display Update Rate 0.5 second typical
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