Below the display are six membrane buttons which control the operation
of the Stroboscope. They are:
Multiplies flash rate by 2 times
ALT Function - Starts Menu (See section 3.0)
Hold when powering up to show all segments, then
Rev # and display test
Divides flash rate by 2
Hold when powering up to reset factory defaults
Toggles display between RPM and RPS
ALT Function - Toggles Tach Mode (flashing) on/off
Manually toggles between Internal and External Modes
ALT Function - Reads and Stores 9 preset flash rates
Activates Alternate Function for buttons (lower color)
and knob
In Internal Mode, toggles between normal flash rate
adjust and “phase” adjust
The ALT FUNCTION button toggles ALT. in the display. When ALT. is
displayed, the buttons will perform their secondary function listed in
the lower section of each button. It also changes how the tuning knob
The strobe has a protection feature that prevents the strobe from
operating if the battery voltage is too low. This condition is indicated
by no flash and the display shows “LO BAT”. At this time the
batteries must be recharged. Remember to release the trigger switch.
7.2 Charging the Batteries
The unit may be recharged at any time. You do not need to wait until
the low battery condition is indicated.
To charge the battery powered strobe with the recharger:
1. Release the trigger so the strobe is off.
2. Plug the recharger cable into the recharger socket (located below
the display panel behind the handle).
3. Plug the recharger into an AC mains wall outlet.
CAUTION: Use of rechargers other than the one supplied
(HHT32R-URC) will damage the stroboscope and
void the warranty.
The strobe will display the current battery charge percent and the
recharger will fast charge the batteries for about 4-5 hours. Once the
fast charge is completed, the recharger will trickle charge the batteries.
Allow the recharger to charge the batteries until the display shows
DONE for peak battery life performance. If the batteries are not
charged to 100% regularly, the batteries will lose capacity.
When the recharger plug is inserted into the recharger jack, the strobe
will go into the Charging Mode. Make sure the trigger switch is not
depressed. The strobe will not do anything else when charging (e.g. it
will not flash and the buttons have no function).
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