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4.1 Overview
4.1.1 The DOCN600 is a microprocessor based dissolved oxygen analyzers are designed
for industrial applications. They operate in conjunction with the DOE-601 sensor.
The software in the unit makes the instrument very easy to operate and maintain.
4.1.2 The outputs include voltage-free relay contacts and industry standard analog
transmission signals. A relay to indicate a perforated membrane is provided. The
analog output signals transmit low power signals to peripherals such as data
recorders or control systems.
4.1.3 The software is designed for ease of operation. It uses a simple menu with all items
indicated on the panel. The user interface consists of six buttons on the front panel.
The buttons are scanned and responded continuously. In addition, an extensive
system checking for values and parameters is performed by the software. All of the
operating parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, without the need of a
4.1.4 The DOCN600 operates like a normal analog converter with a number of additional
functions made possible by the microprocessor in the instrument.
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