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Dip Switch
Bank S2
1 Fail-safe for Relay B NO YES
2 Direction of Control for Relay B Rising Falling
3 Reserved
4 Reserved
5 Reserved
6 Reserved
7 Reserved
8 Reserved
4.9 Output Hold
4.9.1 Output hold, is a function which freezes all output signals at the last value to
prevent the occurrence of wild distortions during programming and maintenance.
4.9.2 When the Operation Menu is entered by pressing CALL, the alarm relays and the
analog outputs are automatically placed on hold and remain on hold until the
instrument returns to on line. The output hold will remain for a maximum of 10
minutes after the last button was pressed, if this feature has been enabled. See
Section 4.8.
4.10 Parameter and Operation Checking
4.10.1 The instrument continuously checks all parameters in its memory, while taking D.O.
readings. When it detects an invalid value, it flashes the LEDs in the operation
menu to indicate the parameter is at fault. You must then access the operation
menu to take corrective actions.
4.11 Simulated Input for Testing
4.11.1 TEST is function for test and diagnostic purposes. Values can be simulated
internally and adjusted with the arrow buttons to set display reading and analog
outputs to any desired value without disrupting instrument calibration.
4.12 Utility Menu
4.12.1 The Utility Menu is provided to enable authorized personnel to change the range
and fine tune the analog . See Section 7.0.
4.13 Watchdog Timer and Self Diagnostics
4.13.1 The DOCN600 continuously monitors the condition of all key components of the
measuring system to ensure that the measurements are reliable. Invalid entries and
memory loss are indicated on the panel. See Section 8.0.
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