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5.1 Password
5.1.1 To enter the menu press CALL then PASSWORD will be indicated. With each
press of CALL you will step through the menu. When the last item is reached the
menu wraps around to “%sat/ppm”. If you have enabled PASSWORD by placing
DIP Switch 2 Bank S1, in the off position you must enter the password “6” when
PASSWORD is indicated if you wish to change any stored value. You do not need
to enter the password to proceed to other items in the menu for recall of stored
If PASSWORD has not been enabled you do not need to enter the password to
change stored values.
5.2 Percent Saturation/ppm
5.2.1 The instrument provides measurement of dissolved oxygen in either percent
saturation or ppm. In ppm measurement the reading is automatically compensated
for temperature changes in the medium.
a) To select units of measurement enter the menu by pressing CALL to indicate
b) Press the UP arrow button to select %sat or the DOWN arrow button or select
c) Press RUN to return to on line or press CALL for another menu selection.
5.3 Calibration
5.3.1 To calibrate the instrument you will need a container of fresh clean water. For best
results a bubbler such as that used in a tropical fish tank should be in the container.
a) Clean the sensor with a soft cloth and mild soap solution.
b) Place the sensor over the water container for a few minutes. (There is no need
to remove it from the float if so installed.)
c) Press CALL to enter the menu.
d) If the password function is enabled, enter the password then press CALL to
illuminate the “%sat/ppm” indicator. If the password function is not enabled,
“%sat/ppm” will illuminate at the first press of CALL.
e) Use the UP arrow button to illuminate the %sat LED located to the right of the
f) Press CALL twice to illuminate the CALIBRATION indicator.
g) Use the arrow buttons to make the display read 100.0.
h) Press ENTER as soon as the reading stabilizes. The display will flash until
ENTER is pressed again to confirm entry.
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