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6.3 Reset
6.3.1 The instrument can be reset without losing calibration or any of the stored values by
pressing and releasing the S9 reset button (located at the bottom of the board near
the center) This action is equivalent to turning the power off and on.
6.4 Output Hold
6.4.1 It may be useful during some system maintenance procedures to place the relay
and analog outputs on hold. To accomplish this simply press CALL. To return to
on line operation press RUN.
NOTE: To safeguard against the operator forgetting to press RUN the instrument
will automatically go back on line ten minutes after the last button was
pressed provided this feature has been enabled by placing DIP switch
No.7, Bank S1, in the ON position.
7.1 Utility Menu Functions
7.1.1 The Utility Menu enables authorized personnel to perform the following:
• Adjust the temperature output range.
• Adjust the offset and span of the 0-1 mA/ 0-5 Vdc output
• Adjust the offset and span of the 4-20 mA output
• Perform the altitude compensation
7.2 Access to Utility Menu
7.2.1 The Utility Menu is protected by password. To access the Utility Menu press and
hold both RUN and ENTER for five seconds until the PASSWORD LED illuminates.
The RUN LED will flash to warn that Utility Menu is in use. Now with the arrow keys
make the display read the password, "7". Press ENTER.
7.2.2 The Utility Menu is entirely separate from the Operation Menu but uses the same
LED display. Press CALL to step through the menu items.
Below is the cross-reference between menu items:
Display LED Meaning in Utility Menu
Output High Temperature Output 100% (5 Vdc)
Output Low Temperature Output 0% (0 Vdc)
%Sat/ppm 0-1 mA / 0-5 Vdc Output Adjust Low
Test 0-1 mA / 0-5 Vdc Output Adjust High
Calibration 4-20 mA Output Adjust Low
Temperature 4-20 mA Output Adjust High
Status Altitude Compensation
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