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d) The sensor may be attached to float assembly in one of two ways:
1. With sensor EXTENDED FROM BOTTOM of flotation ball:
Insert 12-inch long extender pipe into the flotation ball and fasten it to the
end of adapter pipe. This will extend the sensor’s membrane 12 inches
below the flotation ball. NOTE: Extender pipe supplied only when ordered.
2. With the sensor membrane FLUSH WITH BOTTOM of flotation ball:
Disregard using extender pipe and proceed with Step e).
e) Route sensor cable through assembled pipe sections, starting from bottom
section, and fasten sensor to pipe.
CAUTION: Do not remove measuring cell cartridge from hermetically sealed
package until it is to be used in step f). (Membrane will dry out and
damage measuring cell).
f) Install measuring cell cartridge. Unfasten union nut from sensor and make sure
to remove any moisture from cavity area and brass contact strips. Insert
cartridge in its correctly “keyed” position. Fasten union not tightly so that O-ring
compresses to create an effective water-tight seal.
g) Calibrate system in accordance with the procedure described in Section 5.3
before placing sensor into operation.
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