A 9V battery is supplied with the instrument but not installed. Read the fol-
lowing installation instructions before attempting to install or remove the bat-
Turn the unit off and disconnect any input connections
before replacing the battery. Put the cover back into place
on the battery compartment before resuming use of the
1. Remove the cover from the battery compartment by sliding it off in
the direction of the arrow located on the battery cover.
2. Remove the old battery.
3. Place the new battery in the battery compartment. Be sure to
observe proper polarity.
4. Re-install the battery cover before resuming use of the instrument.
Less than 10% of battery life remains when the BAT annun-
ciator turns on.
If the instrument is going to be stored for a long period of time
or in a high temperature environment, remove the battery to
prevent leakage damage.
After a new battery is installed, allow approximately 30 sec-
onds for reading stabilization the first time the instrument is
turned on.
Figure 1. Battery Installation
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