NOTE: The thermometer will display “OPEN” on
any selected channel that does not have a
thermocouple plugged in or if the thermo-
couple is open-circuited.
When using both thermocouple inputs, and a
voltage differential exists between the two mea-
surement points, at least one probe should be
electrically insulated.
T1 and T2 are not measured simultaneously.
Therefore T1 and T2 readings can differ even
when the temperatures are equal, if T1 and T2
are changing rapidly.
Key selection is retained during power off.
With the REC key, the recording of MIN/MAX temperatures is
enabled. This function can be activated in one or more of the 3
measurement modes, T1, T2, and T1-T2. To start recording,
select a desired measurement mode (T1, T2, or T1-T2), then
press REC.
When more than one measurement mode is to be recorded,
select the desired mode and then activate the record function.
When REC is activated, a corresponding annunciator(s) will turn
on and start flashing adjacent to the mode annunciator(s) (T1, T2,
T1-T2). The flashing REC annunciator means that minimum and
maximum data is being recorded. The instrument has 3 separate
acquisition files which allow simultaneous recording of all three
NOTE: REC cannot be started while the readout is
in the SCAN mode. However, after record-
ing is initiated, the readout can be set to the
SCAN mode.
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