With the thermometer in either the T1, T2, or T1-T2 mode, corre-
sponding MIN/MAX data can be viewed. To view MIN/MAX data,
first select T1, T2, or T1-T2. Then press the VIEW key to read the
MAX temperature. A second press of the VIEW key will display
the MIN temperature. At the third press of the VIEW key, the dis-
play will go back to display the current temperature. To view a dif-
ferent input, select that input and repeat the procedure.
MIN/MAX data can be viewed while recording is
in progress (ie, REC annunciator(s) flashing). In
this case, the VIEW function will display real-time
running values of MIN or MAX temperatures.
MIN/MAX data can be viewed after data record-
ing is stopped. See STOP/CLR for instructions to
stop recording. In this case, the VIEW function
will display static data that does not update.
The VIEW function cannot be initiated while the
readout is in the SCAN mode. For example, to
view the MAX value recorded for T2, first select
mode T2, then depress the VIEW key.
After selecting parameters to view, it is possible
to go to the SCAN mode, and continue to view
these parameters.
While in mode T1, view MAX. Then select mode
T2, and view MIN. When SCAN is activated, the
readout will sequentially display T1(MAX),
T2(MIN), T1-T2. This is a very powerful tool for
analytical temperature analysis.
If VIEW is enabled in a mode (T1, T2, or T1-T2)
that was not recorded, the MAX and MIN annun-
ciators will turn on as before. However, the
numeric readout will indicate the current temper-
ature. (Without RECORD being activated, the
current reading, the maximum and the minimum
readings are equivalent.)
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