Designation* Description Part Number*
U9 I.C., Schmitt Inv. IC-834
U11 I.C., LCD Controller IC-761
U12 I.C., EEPROM IC-851
U13 (3) I.C., Microcomputer LSI-120
Y1 Resonator, Ceramic, 1MHz CR-60
— Keypad (4)
Connector, LCD CS-810
Clip, Battery 865-306-1
Header, Pin CS-790-2
* Numbers in parentheses refer to notes below:
(1) Deleted from Model HH-21.
(2) Matched pair.
(3) Full part number by Model:
HH-21; LSI-120-819
HH-22; LSI-120-820
HH-23; LSI-120-821
(4) Part number by Model:
HH-21; 819-322
HH-22; 821-322-C
HH-23; 821-322-C
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