In case of an inoperable or malfunctioning system the following
procedures can be used to isolate the faulty wiring, printed
circuit boards and/or alternate causes. The majority of repairs
can be made in the field thereby reducing the time a unit is out
of service.
The necessary documentation is contained within this manual
with the exception of the calibration data sheet for the turbine
flowmeter. This calibration is supplied separately.
Factory consultation is available to assist in diagnosing
problems. Please note that in some cases factory repairs can be
performed more easily than can be accomplished in the field.
Failure conditions are listed and the possible corrective actions
given to eliminate the observed problem.
Proper operation of the FLSC-28 can be assumed when with
power applied to the unit, the analog output produces a voltage
output signal of 0-5 Vdc with a span corresponding to that
already established by the calibration procedure.
A. Analog Output 1 .Noise on input. Slowly turn
With No Flow SENS pot CCW until false
indication stops.
NOTE: In fully CCW position
the unit will not operate.
2. Replace pickup coil
3. Defective FLSC-28, repair or
B. Incorrect Zero Reading 1. Verify that power supply
With No Flow voltage is within limit.
2. Unit is out of calibration - re-
3. Defective FLSC-28, repair or
C. Voltage Exceeds 1. Flowmeter being used beyond
Desired Span calibrated span of FLSC-28
2. Calibration of FLSC-28
incorrect. Recalibrate,
3. Defective unit, repair or replace.
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