Refer to Figure 2-2, wiring insulation, for appropriate terminals
for interconnections. The signal leads from the turbine should be
shielded whenever FLSC-35B is not integrally mounted. Ground
shield on one end only. If desired, use solder lug provided on
ground stud. Connections to the terminal block should be
carefully dressed to avoid having bare wires extend pass the
screw clamp on the terminal block. This is particularly
important for units mounted within the explosion proof
enclosure. Wires should be neatly dressed near bottom of
enclosure to assure wiring will not become fouled when cover is
Connect two conductor shielded cable from flowmeter. Connect
shield to FLSC-35B only.
Line power connections should be made through a circuit
breaker so that power can be turned off while servicing the
FLSC-35B. Power is 117 VAC ±10%, an earth ground connection
is also required.
Pulse output is CMOS/TTL compatible. Wire to appropriate
terminal, see Figure 2-2.
For analog output connect wiring to appropriate terminals and
load. A shielded, twisted pair wire is recommended. Ground
shield on one end only. Use same precautions as described for
flowmeter input signal.
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