The OMEGAā€¯ FLSC-51 and 51B High Accuracy Integral Signal
Conditioners are designed for direct mounting onto OMEGA
Series FTB-100 and 200 Turbine Meters.
The FLSC-51/51B provides a scaled pulse output which may be
field calibrated to the desired number of pulses per unit volume.
Typical outputs which may be realized are one pulse per gallon,
or ten pulses per liter, etc.
This interface subsystem approach allows for direct interfacing with
a host system without requiring special software considerations
being given to the method of input and storage of flowmeter
calibration constants. Partitioning of the system by this means will
also allow for easy field adjustment when such calibration constants
change due to repair or replacement. The calibration scaling factor is
entered into a digital thumbwheel switch matrix.
The input signal conditioning circuitry is designed to accept the
low level flowmeter signal while rejecting unwanted noise and
spurious signals. A signal threshold control is provided which
allows the user to set the input sensitivity above the ambient
noise level, thereby eliminating any false signal on the output.
Two outputs are available, providing flexibility in the interface
as required by the host system. The output is available in the
form of CMOS/TTL compatible pulse If or the FLSC-51) and in
the form of an open collector pulse If or the FLSC-51B). The
pulse duration is.2 ms for the FLSC-51 for use with digital
electronics. The pulse duration is 50 ms for the FLSC-51B for use
with electromechanical totalizers.
Remove the Packing List and verify that all equipment has been
received. If there are any questions about the shipment, please
call OMEGA Customer Service Department.
Upon receipt of shipment, inspect the container and equipment
for any signs of damage. Take particular note of any evidence of
rough handling in transit. Immediately report any damage to
the shipping agent.
The carrier will not honor any claims unless all shipping material is saved
for their examination. After examining and removing contents, save
packing material and carton in the event reshipment is necessary.
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