1.0 Introduction
CL3512A calibrator/thermometer is two meters in one. The
CL3512A simulates type J/K/T/E thermocouple signals. Each signal is
adjustable by using the coarse and fine dials. The CL3512A can also be used
as a dual type J/K/T/E thermocouple input thermometer. Features include a
large 3½ digit display with backlighting and display selections of HOLD, °C/°F,
The source mode of the CL3512A simulates the thermocouple output to check
the operation of a thermocouple meter and make rough calibration
adjustments. A more accurate calibrator would be required for calibration of
thermocouple meters to specify tolerances.
1.1 Safety Information
It is recommended that you read the safety and operation instructions before
using the thermometer.
To avoid electrical shock, do not use this instrument when working
voltages at the measurement surface over 24V AC or DC.
To avoid damage or burns, do not make temperature measurement
in microwave ovens.
Repeated sharp flexing can break the thermocouple leads. To prolong
lead life, avoid sharp bends in the leads, especially near the connector.
1.2 Unpacking
Remove the packing list and verify that all equipment has been received. If
there are any questions about the shipment, please call the OMEGA
Customer Service Department.
Upon receipt of shipment, inspect the container and equipment for any signs
of damage. Immediately report any damage to the shipping agent.
The carrier will not honor any claims unless all shipping
material is saved for their examination. After examining and
removing contents, save the packing material and carton in
the event reshipment is necessary.
The following is supplied in the box:
Rubber boot
2 K beaded wire thermocouples
K calibration cable
9 volt battery
Operator's manual
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