2.0 Operation Procedure
2.1 Drawing of Unit
Actual Dimensions: 195mm(H) x 92mm(W) x 53mm(D)
2.2 Descriptions of Buttons and Switches
Temperature is displayed in either degrees Celsius(°C) or degrees
Fahrenheit(°F). When the thermometer is turned on, it is set to the
temperature scale that was in use when the thermometer was last turned off.
To change the temperature scale, press the °C or °F key.
Press “ ” button to toggle the on and off backlight. The backlight will
switch-off automatically after 37 seconds.
Button (HOLD Mode)
Press the HOLD key to enter the Data Hold mode, the “HOLD” annunciator is
displayed. When HOLD mode is selected, the thermometer will hold the
present reading and stop all further measurements.
Pressing the HOLD key again will cancel HOLD mode causing the
thermometer to resume taking measurements.
Button (K/J/T/E Input Thermocouple Type Selection)
The TYPE key allows for selection of J, K, E or T thermocouple types as either
the input or simulated output. To select thermocouple type press type key
once. Unit will briefly show 1888 and beep and then the type of thermocouple
selected will be indicated on the left hand side of the display. Continue
pressing the type key to step through the thermocouple types until desired
type is indicated.
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