2 Slide the paper roll onto the paper shaft, paying attention to the direction of unwind-
ing, and pull out the top of the paper 7-8cm.
3 Insert the paper straight into the printer along the paper guide.
Turn the paper roll backward to remove any sag. Feed the paper with your finger.
4 When the top of the paper stops inside the printer, press to further insert the
paper into the printer.
Paper feeding starts when the top of the paper reaches a certain depth inside the
5 When the top of the paper comes out 1cm or so from the outlet, release .
At this moment, hold the top of the paper firmly so that it is not rolled back.
6 Turn the paper retainer lever to the illustrated position, and pull out the paper 2-3cm
so that it comes out straight from the outlet.
Unwinding direction
Paper retainer lever
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