Thank you for purchasing the TOPCON Computer-
ized Tonometer CT-80.
(To get the best use from the instrument, please carefully
read these instructions and keep this Instruction Manual in a
convenient location for future reference.)
This instrument features the following:
An exact, non-contact intraocular pressure measurement that
can be done by air ejection.
An alignment bar that enables easy operation.
This text outlines the Computerized Tonometer CT-80 and de-
scribes basic operations, troubleshooting, checking, maintenance
and cleaning.
To encourage the safe, efficient use of this instrument and prevent
danger to the operator and others, we suggest you carefully read
the “Displays for Safe Use” and the “Safety Cautions”.
Again, please keep this Instruction Manual in a convenient location
for future reference.
This machine is a precision instrument; install it in a place set to the follow-
ing conditions: temperature (1040°C), humidity (3085%) and atmos-
pheric pressure (70106KPa). Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
To ensure smooth operation, install the instrument on a level place free of
vibrations. Also, do not place any objects on the instrument.
Before using the instrument, connect all cables correctly.
Use the specified source voltage.
When not in use, turn the power off and put the measuring window cap and
dust cover on.
To ensure a correct reading, do not soil the measuring window with finger
prints, dust, etc. Also, do not touch the measuring nozzle except when
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