Setting the Patient
1 Return to the Measurement screen.
2 Ask the patient to sit in front of the instrument.
3 Adjust the automatic instrument table or the chair for height so that the patient can
put his or her chin on the chinrest in a comfortable position.
4 The patient places his or her chin on the chinrest and stops his or her forehead at
the forehead rest.
If “NG (+)” or “NG (-)” is displayed, an anomaly has occurred. Turn OFF the
POWER SWITCH , Please check again if there is any foreign matter on and around the
measuring nozzle. If any, turn OFF the POWER SWITCH , clean it off and then turn ON
Press and perform the checking procedure again.
For cleaning, see “Cleaning the Nozzle and the Window Glass inside the nozzle” on
page 57.
If no object is there, a problem has occurred. Turn OFF the POWER SWITCH , unplug
the power cable, and call your dealer.
Abnormal operation screen
Do not measure the patient’s eye wearing a contact lens.
It may damage the patient’s cornea and other areas.
Tell the patient to remove the contact lens.
Never insert your fingers under the chinrest.
Inform the patient of this, too.
Careless insertion of fingers may cause injury by pinching.
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