5 Move the machine body in directions as needed in order to get the alignment dot
within the inner alignment mark on the monitor screen.
6 Holding the alignment dot within the inner alignment mark, slightly push the machine
body toward the patient.
When the machine body approaches the target eye, the alignment bar and “FOR-
WARD” display appear on the monitor screen.
At this moment, be careful not to catch eyelashes and eyelids within the outer align-
ment mark so as to ensure correct measurements.
If the instrument is too close to the target eye, with regard to the alignment reference
position, “TOO CLOSE” is displayed on the monitor screen, and if it is too far, “FOR-
WARD” is displayed.
The alignment bar is displayed as a broken line when the instrument is close to the
target eye and as a solid line when it is far. Also, the alignment bar is shortened ac-
cordingly as it approaches the alignment reference position.
These factors are displayed only when the alignment dot is near the inner alignment
Alignment bar
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